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RuneScape launched Summer Summit 2023

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The Summer Summit 2023, launched today by Jagex, announced all their plans for the latest event launching in Old School RuneScape. In addition to the modernization, Sailing is now the latest, which has a massive area expansion as the ocean opens up to an open space. You can take on life at sea with sailing adventures, which come with customizable ships that can train the Sailing skill in the shortest amount of training. Eventually you will become a slave to the new world. We’ve got more info here on the event as much detail as possible.

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The apocalypse with the heaviest competitive version went back to Old School RuneScape. Players start the game from the beginning and hunt other players, monsters and loot for exclusive rewards. Deadman’s Apocalypse features a rioting murder, where one or two powerful enemies can enter the world. Although deadly, they’re an indispensable source of equipment, so they’re likely to be hotspots for PvP activity. Deadman Apocalypse is a high-risk, high-reward, game-playing approach for old school, and it runs Saturday, October 16th from Saturday, August 25th to Saturday, September 16th.

Two more events to watch to the community’s success. Trailblazer Reloaded races back into Old School RuneScape. Leagues is an event that starts players without a single order or XP. They’re traveling across Gielinor with a higher XP and drop rates, a custom task list and lots of powerful relics to unlock. Leagues are great ways to test players’ OSRS knowledge and skills in a fun, creative challenge. Two of the four teams at the finish of the game introduces new tasks, relics, areas and, of course, all the updates will come to the game since the end of the ensuing era. In the Desert Area alone, players can now find Tempoross, Amascut’s Tombs and Desert Treasure II, which did not exist during previous Leagues. The game mode’s going to launch earlier this year.”

“Finally, Old School RuneScape announced its next large area expansion as Varlamore. As an isolated country open for exploration, Varlamore is full of new bosses, skill-based activities, quests and the introduction of a Hunting Guild. Varlamore has a lot to offer so that content will be freed across multiple game updates. The first update is coming in 2024 with two new quests starting with an all-new storyline.

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