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S will be limited X-raytracing, HDRT and ARmored Core VI

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This project was already finished on August 25th. The developers of FromSoftware spoke about FPS and resolution in the game on many platforms, and also supported ray tracing technology.

Xbox One One 4D Playstation. 640 resolutions, the frame can be 60%, so. Ray tracing will support in the garage.Xbox Series S. Resolution up to 148 p at frame rates up to 60 FPS. Ray tracing is being financed in the garage.Xbox One. Resolution up to 90 percent at frame rates up to 30 FPS.Xbox One X. Up to 4K resolution at frame rates up to 30 FPS.Playstation 4:40. resolution up to 90 percent, frame up to 30 FPS.Playstation 4 Pro. Resolution up to 1800p at frame rate up to 30 FPS.

The official table from FromSoftware is on different platforms.

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