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S1mple explained why the outcomes of CS:GO still matter despite CS2 release anticipation

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In the utmost department of Counter-Strike, the game involves playing the CS2 beta and anticipating which teams can be good in the new game, but it’s also very important for professional players to play CS:GO.

Before the major update to the CS2 beta on Aug. 31, which added Premier mode, and its own rating, fans still could hear about the professional scene in the general public every day on places like the official subreddit. After CS2 looks closer than ever, the threads below that follow are just being one of those teams.

Despite the lack of interest in the games CS:GO, the pros haven’t altered the way they approach the rest of the tournament. And s1mple said he still cares about the results he has achieved with NAVI at the end of CS:GOs cycle.

You never know when CS2 will come out and there are lots of tournaments, such as the ESL Pro League, IEM Sydney, a tournament in Shanghai [the CS:GO Asia Championships], and the Intel Grand Slam.

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We now know that Valve released CS2 worldwide this summer, which you will think means by Sept. 23, the last day of the season. That developer still works on finishing the game and collecting the best feedback.

The largest big tournament we know will be played in CS2 in 2024. The tournament organizers are still waiting for CS2 release before starting the transition.

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