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Saadhak denies that LOUD had a problem leading up to VALORANT Champions: They created rumors out of nowhere

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LOUDs VALORANT team leader Saadhak once again denied that there was ever a rift between aspas and the rest of the LOUD squad leading up to VALORANT Champions this month.

The head of the esports before the competition started, Rod Slasher Breslau reported on July 25 that the relationship between the team and aspas had declined and there was a large chance that aspas would leave LOUD ahead of VCT 2024. On the same day, the Brazilian store Mais Esports reported that NRG had had an eye for signing aspas.

Saadhak said that the team was unified and focused on winning Champions. Now that the competition is over and LOUD won the third place, the Argentinian captain again denied that there were any problems in the squad.

No one knew of this; they really did dirty our team, Saadhak said. They created rumors out of nowhere. That aspas got involved with Less, that aspas talked to another team. For fucks sake, we weren’t just practicing. I talk to aspas and he said he hadn’t learned anything, he hadn’t even talked to LOUD.


LLL DAN (@danxispe) August 29, 2023.

Saadhak continued, pointing out the rumors have stopped all the time, and questioned whether the reports were just intended to take out LOUDs focus and leads to Champions.

Including Saadhak, aspas and Less, are the core of LOUDs VALORANT squad, with their members at the organization since February 2022 and winning VALORANT Champions 2022. Their contracts expire on the end of 2023 according to the VCT Global Contract Database, and no one stops them leaving LOUD ahead of 2024.

Although there’s uncertainty in the future for 2024 LOUDs, head coach Frank Montaner said during a press conference that LOUD have been knocked out of the tournament that the goal is to solve the problem in-game and get stronger next year.

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