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Sadly, he will go to Starfield again this year

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A million people have and are exploring Starfield’s massive universe.

The long-awaited space epic by Bethesda Game Studios, is flying to astronomical heights, after its official launch on September 6.

According to the founder of Microsoft Gaming, the goal of creating a pivotal breakthrough for Starfield: completing the new one million concurrent players with the platforms X and X, making it one of the most successful games for Bethesda.

To celebrate this incredible victory, remember that the game had an early access phase starting September 1, for those who couldn’t resist the excitement of buying a premium edition. According to an unofficial source, a figure already achieved in Early Access, but it’s not to miss this celebrated moment.

Starfield has hit a million concurrent players across all platforms today. Thank you to all those who helped us reach this wonderful milestone and congratulate the @BethesdaStudios!

Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) Sept. 7, 2023

The timing of the news just before US Eastern Time rolled over, tells the significance of Starfield. The number of players isn’t to be confused with total sales or users, however, it’s a snapshot of one million people being simultaneously logged into the Starfield universe. Nonetheless, this metric indicates a huge interest, often with an even greater number of players waiting for the next big announcement.

It’s easy to see why Starfield is generating so much buzz. Gamers and critics alike are lauding the title’s sheer size and depth. Even though we’re tired, sometimes, and sometimes, it’s just that time. There are more than 20 o’clock in the world, and many merriments can be reached. Since they mentioned in earlier interviews, many of the participants never even lie. In fact, the countless hours that happened do not guarantee you a lot of enjoyment. The sprawling universe of art and procedures, and the unlimited potency for mods, is worth thousands of hours. It’s so content-rich that it’s fair to wonder why players have enough time to explore it, especially if you’re balancing it up with another rabbit hole of the game like the Baldur Gate 3-spiel.

Starfield isn’t perfect, but it’s a flawed and memorable game that only takes time to do a better job.

While the Xbox Game Pass price is low, that year’s subscription cost is probably $9.99 per month. That’s how the game continues to improve. From the content creators to the players who devote hours to discovering the game’s secrets to marveling at its expansive universe, Starfield is now regarded as a game of the most prestigious nature. It is not just fulfilling the promise of an end-to-end space adventure, but also seems poised to expand even further, given the many years that Bethesda has been able to support their games after launch.

And, not to nitpick, Starfield’s launch numbers, while impressive, still have room for growth. The figures have not yet reached the same height as the count of Baldur’s Gate 3, which reached nearly 900K on Steam alone, or even get the meteoric first day sales of Hogwarts Legacy or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with the rest of the total of the number of digits and the number of national titles on World War II, just after the record-setting high from 2013. I think players might be skewing some players, but the exact numbers remain proprietary.

As Starfield enjoys its time in the spotlight, registering over 269,177 concurrent players on Steam in the time of its launch and rapidly surpassing the Top Paid Games listed on the Xbox Store, there are lots of anticipation and criticism. The community already wants more from Bethesda and Starfield, from details to content and so on.

All the more that ruins that it takes from Starfield is the details of what Bethesda plans on doing after-launch.

The game’s universe has begun and players are familiar with what could be the “bigest single-player game ever”; it’s yet to come to an end; and its gravitational pull is proving irresistible.

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