Sam and Max are on the road again in Sam and Max: The Devils Playhouse Remastered


Skunkape Games has released a new teaser for the remaster of Sam and Max: The Devils. This teaser does not show up much except to show off the actual pictures of many major sites from the game. The teaser ends with promises that the remaster will release in 2023. The Devils Playhouse was the last principal title of the Sam and Max series developed by Telltale Games in 2018. The company closed its doors in 2018.

The original game Sam and Max: The Devils was released episodically for mobile platforms and in 2010 on the PlayStation 3. Every episode of The Devils Playhouse was a new adventure that Sam and Max participated in. The episodic release is similar to the episodic release structure of the critically acclaimed Walking Dead interactive game Telltales. Each episode contains a misunderstood premise that involves sci-fi or supernatural elements. One of these will be about Max gaining psychic powers and one of another that will eventually lose his brain. The Devils Playhouse has the same absurdist humor and abstract talelines that made Max and Sam so popular.

The Devils Playhouse will be the third remaster that Skunkape Games has worked on for the Sam and Max series. Former Telltale employees started Skunpape Games, and the studio acquired the rights to the Sam and Max series post-2018. Skunpape Games released a remaster for Sam and Max Save the World in December 2020, and then the studio released a remaster for Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space in December 2021.

This series is a media-based franchise focused on the exploits of two old-fashioned dogs, such as Sam and Max. The two animals work as independent investigators. The couple often solve a crime in their city, but they both go on trips like space and other hijinks. The game was originally designed to be used by computer engineers in the late 90s.


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