Sam and Max – The Devils Playhouse Remastered: Animal Adventure Trailer announced


The trailer reports that Sam and Max are returning to the game.

Skunkape announced the release of a remaster of the Sam andamp; Max: The Devils playhouse in 2023. The feature-and-click adventure appeared in 2010, for PlayStation 3, PC and MacOS.

In the trailer for the new remaster, the developer still leaves the platforms open. However, although not always the current systems may release some aversions, the previous remaster of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space. This appeared for Xbox One and X Series.

In Remastered The Devils, the best animal detectives in the gaming world embark on a quest to see the mysteries of the Force. That crazy Max then realised something unique – not only does he change his shape, but he can also use teleportation to move anywhere, read the minds of others and see into future.

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