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Samsung dex can replace the PC, but doesn’t want to do it

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This can replace the computer, but it might not be able to, for an unfortunate reason, replace the computer.

Modern smartphone users become minicomputers in your pocket, but their size still limits their capabilities. Samsung has been using DeX technology for several years now to transform its smartphones and tablets into full-fledged workstations. Almost. Perhaps you want someone to do, maybe.

What’s Samsung deX?

Samsung DeX is an open source software platform for Mac users to use your Galaxy phones and tablets on their PCs with the right accessory. Unfortunately, due to the reluctance to challenge one’s internal competition, this isn’t a full-fledged PC replacement yet, but you can use important programs on large screen with an interface.

By connecting a mouse to a keyboard, you can easily use Linux/ChromeOS/Windows: Taskbar reminiscent of Windows, interactive experience that allows users to interact with Windows, and other keyless applications like Windows can be viewed on Print Screen or with Alt+TAB switches.

How to get Samsung DeX set up and use it?

Installing DeX is very easy. You’ll need a HDMI or USB-C-to-HDMI cable, monitor, keyboard and mouse. You can connect via Miracast, as long as your television or monitor supports this technology. If you have a Samsung tablet and a keyboard, you can activate that mode directly on the tablet’s screen.

You can use any modern Samsung monitor or TV with Miracast. The multiport adaptor can also help, but it isn’t necessary.

Even though Samsung doesn’t really need this mode, the reason is that it seems it was added to the packaging, it seems that it was incorrect and doesn’t fit into their marketing context. Instead of being built to something desktop, it seems frozen. Back then, in the first UI 1, there was such a mode as Linux On DEX, which I couldn’t forgive. You could run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – directly in your smartphone or tablet, it can programme with your smartphone. You’d like a massive prospect of developing an all-in-one device, it’s a huge prospect.

Now that this mode has been available on the Galaxy S8, my vision is that it doesn’t fit into the general concept of Samsungs marketing line, because it’s much more profitable for them, to buy your own computer for the same reason, but somehow remove this mode already and it’s impossible for many this mode has become a favorite. That is why only the desktop view remains of the chips and the ability to read and play the browser or words on the PC.

However, if you write term papers, your work on spreadsheets of that mode will suffice: this is Chrome in your pocket, because the functions are similar: the ability to download Android and use the browser.

A computer is essential to you, the sonic of the human soul. While you can’t understand your problem, it will fail! And the Android mobile game will continue to gain a lot of software. Despite this, Samsung DeX definitely has its fans.

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Author: Andriy Sh. Date for publication: 08/12/2023

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