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Samsung is reportedly preparing new 990 EVO Plus and 9100 PRO SSDs

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Samsung is working on new solid state drives. Entries at the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) spilled the beans on two upcoming SSDs from the Korean giant. The drives in question are the 990 EVO Plus and the 9100 PRO.

The Samsung 990 EVO Plus SSD can apparently bridge the gap between the cheaper 990 EVO model and the more expensive 990 PRO series. A “plus” version of an SSD is not a new concept for Samsung. Previously, the company offered the Samsung 970 EVO Plus drive with slightly better specs than the non-plus version. The upcoming 990 EVO Plus can deliver faster speeds and higher capacities (the current 990 EVO only reaches 2TB) than its more affordable sibling, which currently Costs $89.99 (1TB) and $139.99 (2TB).

Unfortunately, the spotted entries in KIPRIS do not contain specific information, so one can only speculate about the details at this point.

While the 990 EVO Plus doesn’t leave many questions about what it is, the 9100 PRO is more of a mystery. Again, the KIPRIS database doesn’t reveal much, but the 9100 PRO entry shares the same category with the 990 EVO Plus, suggesting that these two may be closely related.

With Samsung’s PRO lineup now at 990, it makes sense for the company to introduce its next-generation PRO drive under a new name, and the 9100 PRO seems quite fitting. Also, Samsung may switch to a four-digit designation for its first flagship PCIe Gen5 SSDs.

At this point, the only Gen 5 drive is the entry-level 990 EVO, which supports both PCIe 4.0 and PCIe 5.0. However, unlike heavy hitters like Crucial’s T705 or MSI’s Spatum M580 with their 14GBps+ speeds, the 990 EVO tops out at just 5GBps. The alleged Samsung 9100 PRO can finally fix this and offers Samsung SSD fans a model with up-to-date performance.

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