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Samsung to showcase its AI-powered food integration app at IFA 2023

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Samsung Food AI platform

Samsung will pull the curtain off its upcoming food integration platform called Samsung Food at IFA 2023. The annual trade fair which is the largest of its kind in Europe focuses on consumer electronics and home appliances; it will be held this year in Berlin between September 1-5.

The company’s latest offering will leverage artificial intelligence to provide a personalized food experience. It will be able to help with meal planning, food preparation, recipe search, cooking, and content sharing.

Samsung Food will be able to link with Samsung kitchen appliances and users will have a choice of over 160,000 recipes provided by default. Also, they will be able to add and save new recipes that aren’t present in the catalog.

The food integration platform will also let users try out fusion recipes, for instance, create a vegan version of a meat-based recipe or prepare a dish in a different cuisine style. Users will be able to customize their meal plans based on individual tastes, preferred and non-preferred ingredients, etc.

Samsung Food integration platform

Furthermore, the app will guide users on how to cook based on their skill level and it will save time by syncing information across devices. For instance, Samsung’s Bespoke Oven will automatically get numbers such as cooking temperature and time so users don’t need to enter them manually. Support for more appliances such as Bespoke Induction and Bespoke Microwave will be added in the future.

In addition to mobile devices, Samsung Food will be available on the Bespoke Family Hub Refrigerators. This will allow the app to throw recipe recommendations based on what’s stored inside the refrigerator. Samsung said that the personalized recipe function in Family Hub will be updated within the year.

The South Korean giant said its Samsung Food app will arrive in 104 countries and eight languages gradually by the end of this year. It will be available to download from Google Play and the App Store with support for non-Samsung mobile devices as well. There are also plans to integrate it with the Samsung Health app so it can suggest recipes based on the user’s BMI, body composition, and calorie intake.


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