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Samsung went on to overtake the TSMC when it started 4nm manufacturing in the US this latter has a lack of qualified specialists

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In July, a government report stated that TSMCs project to build factories in Arizona was delayed and the first two factories would begin to produce chips without a bit of N4 technology, at least 2025. For example, this allows rival Samsung Electronics to claim that it will start working faster in Texas than its rival, already in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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According to Korea Daily News, Kyung Kye-hyun announced the announcement during a speech with a student in Seoul this week. As you know, Samsung Electronics is building its second facility in Texas, specializing in local manufacturing of chips. As with the CEO, Samsung can start production by 2024. The Samsung executive prided himself in the companys employees, which with the disqualification of its own works is not enough to get the biggest support for the 4nm project in the United States, even though TSMC has some start-time advantage.

In fact, as reported by Reuters, TSMC president Mark Liu grew up in an impression following his visit to Arizona in August and gaining confidence that the project will be successful for the company.

The head of Samsung Electronics said that the success of the contract business should help with the fact that its capitalization is about 752 billion dollars. The problem of the company being in the contract industry, according to the speaker, is now the lack of qualified specialists. The company will make a career in the area of lithography and is proposing for production of memory chips. For example, for the production of DRAM chips, the manufacturer will use 10 nm-class lithography, and for the production of 3D NAND solid-state memory, the company’ll use a layout of 1000 layers. One must pay special attention to 3-D chip packaging technology.

The problem is that the Korean company hasn’t yet increased the volume of production of core products and hasn’t expanded the list of customers, while TSMC has now been busy with the production of 3nm chips a year now and the next quarter begins to begin production of the second generation of 3nm technology (N3E).

Even though the government doesn’t get the knowledge enough to create a software solution, the reason for the delay in importing new products in the USA is because of limited equipment in order to produce semiconductors, no professionals will be able to supply the skills needed. As Mark Liu noted in July, TSMC is a multi-disciplinary company. While we work to improve the situation, we’re planning to send experienced technicians from Taiwan to get local specialists for a few days, we expect the new technology production schedule will be moved to 2025.

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