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Sand Land: A hot desert sand for this film

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The story trailer for the action role-playing game shows a story of Sandlands.

Bandai Namco Europe released the trailer for SAND LAND. The trailer shows some of the world becoming a sweltering desert. The king greed, who controls access to water, makes it almost impossible for the residents to live here. Sheriff Rao believes there’s a place for an oasis that can end the drought.

Rao knows he can’t attempt to find this legendary source alone. He is then attempting to find the right answer and find the best of his help. The Lord of Demons, Prince Beelzebub and his minder Sheef go to the Sheriff’s inquisition to find the source for life.

They discover that they never must be vigilant because the heat and thirst not seem to be their only enemies. General Are and the Royal Army pursue belzebub and his friends and try to stop them.

SAND LAND will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox X|S and PC.

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