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Our Sapiens Building guide will tell you how to unlock Building, how it works, and what you should use Buildings for.

How Sapiens Building Works

Sapiens Building works much like it does in other games: you select building pieces, place them, and wait for your Sapiens to build them.

Naturally, Building requires that you have materials available. You’ll also need a Sapien assigned to the associated Role for the Building type you’re erecting. Building is also used for erecting workbenches and certain other structures; this falls under the “Basic Building” Role.

How to Unlock Building in Sapiens

You can initially unlock Building by Investigating Hay; this will unlock Thatch Building. Unlocking more Building pieces will require Investigating their respective technologies: Wood Building, Mud Brick Building, Brick Building, and Tiling.

What is Decoration?

Decoration allows you to place nearly any item in the game as a decorative object. It serves no functional purpose, though.

What Are Buildings Used for in Sapiens?

Buildings are used for two things in Sapiens:

  • Providing cover for your sleeping Sapiens
  • Extending the life of perishable items like Food, Hay, and Flax

Do Building Types Matter?

Building types do not matter as of version b15; all that matters is that you have items underneath a roof.

Sapiens Building Guide - List of Sapiens Building Pieces

List of Sapiens Building Pieces

These are all of the Sapiens Building pieces in the game as of Version b15.

Thatch Building Pieces

  • Thatch Hut/Roof – 4 Branches, 8 Hay
  • Thatch Square Wall – 3 Branches, 3 Hay
  • Thatch Roof Wall – 2 Branches, 3 Hay
  • Thatch Wall with Door – 6 Branches, 6 Hay
  • Large Thatch Roof Corner – 9 Branches, 9 Hay
  • Thatch Wall – 5 Branches, 6 Hay
  • Thatch Wall Single Window – 5 Branches, 6 Hay
  • Large Thatch Roof – 6 Branches, 8 Hay
  • Thatch Short Wall – 3 Branches, 3 Hay

Thatch is the first kind of Building you will unlock and will almost certainly be used for your first structures. However, it’s flimsy and the description implies that it won’t last as long in future releases.

Wood Building Pieces

  • Split Log Hut/Roof – 5 Logs, 10 Split Logs
  • Split Log Wall with Door – 2 Logs, 6 Split Logs
  • Split Log Floor 4×4 – 12 Split Logs
  • Split Log Wall with Large Window – 2 Logs, 6 Split Logs
  • Split Log Wall – 2 Logs, 6 Split Logs
  • Split Log Steps 2×2 Half Floor – 4 Split Logs
  • Split Log Roof Wall – 2 Logs, 4 Split Logs
  • Split Log Square Wall – 2 Logs, 3 Split Logs
  • Split Log Floor 2×2 – 3 Split Logs
  • Split Log Steps 2×3 Single Floor – 6 Split Logs
  • Split Log Short Wall – 1 Log, 3 Split Logs

Wood Building pieces are made using Logs and Split Logs, so you’ll have to cut down quite a few Trees to make even a small building.

Mud Brick Building Pieces

  • Mudbrick Floor 4×4 – 8 Mud Bricks (Dry)
  • Mudbrick Floor 2×2 – 2 Mud Bricks (Dry)
  • Mudbrick Column – 2 Mud Bricks (Dry)
  • Mudbrick Wall – 6 Mud Bricks (Dry) 
  • Mudbrick Square Wall – 3 Mud Bricks (Dry)
  • Mudbrick Wall With Door – 6 Mud Bricks (Dry)
  • Mudbrick Half Wall – 3 Mud Bricks (Dry)
  • Mudbrick Wall with Large Window – 6 Mud Bricks (Dry)

Mud Brick Building pieces are stronger than wood but require a good source of Clay.

Brick Building Pieces

  • Brick Half Wall – 3 Fired Bricks
  • Brick Wall – 6 Fired Bricks
  • Brick Square Wall – 3 Fired Bricks
  • Brick Wall with Door – 6 Fired Bricks
  • Brick Wall with Large Window – 6 Fired Bricks

Brick Building pieces are the toughest building pieces in the game as of Version b15. They are made from Fired Bricks, which means you’ll need a good source of both Clay and Branches or Wood for your Kiln.


  • Tile Floor 2×2 – 2 Tiles
  • Tile Hut/Roof – 6 Split Logs, 8 Tiles
  • Tile Floor 4×4 – 8 Tiles

Tiles are the best type of flooring in the game as of Version b15 and require a good source of Clay (to make the Tiles) and Branches or Wood (to fuel the Kiln).


  • Soil Path – 1 Soil, 1 Digging Tool
  • Sand Path – 1 Sand, 1 Digging Tool
  • Clay Path – 1 Clay, 1 Digging Tool
  • Rock Path – 2 Large Rocks, 1 Digging Tool
  • Tile Path – 2 Tiles, 1 Digging Tool

Your Sapiens will move faster on Paths.

Other Building Items

  • Crafting Area – 1 Large Rock
  • Storage Area – Nothing
  • Hay Bed – 3 Hay
  • Woolskin Bed – 3 Woolskin
  • Campfire – 6 Large Rocks
  • Torch – 1 Branch, 1 Hay
  • Kiln – 6 Mud Bricks (Dry)
  • Split Log Bench – 1 Log, 1 Split Log

Aside from actual Buildings, you can also Build workbenches, beds, and more.

That’s it for our Sapiens Building Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides, too!

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