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Save £29 on an AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D thanks to this Amazon UK discount

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If you’re in the UK and looking for a new PC processor, consider the AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D processor, as it’s currently discounted to £319 (£29 off). This processor has been available since April 2023, but this is the lowest price it has ever been available on Amazon UK.

Some pros with this processor include excellent gaming performance thanks to its large L3 cache, it has a competitive price compared to similar processors, and it uses the AM5 socket, which is expected to be supported for some time.

Highlighting the features of this product, Amazon lists:

  • Higher memory frequencies and more aggressive settings
  • Max clock boost / up to 5.0GHz
  • Unlock higher and smoother frame rates in your favorite games
  • An octa-core processor core (8 cores) enables multitasking with great reliability and fast processing speed
  • Provides a huge advantage in game performance with up to 144MB of on-chip memory

In terms of reviews, this product has 9,657 ratings and an average score of 4.7, which shows that it is excellent. It’s also marked as Amazon Choice, which means it has a good rating, a good price, and is ready to ship now.

According to the product page, the processor is sold by Amazon and ships from Amazon, so you won’t have many problems with the quality of the product or need assistance if you want to return it.

According to an AI-generated summary of the reviews, customers praised the processor’s quality, performance, value and gaming capabilities. So if you’re on a budget and want a capable processor, this looks like a strong candidate.

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