Save 50% on a 12-pack of waterproof color changing LED lights now only $39.99


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These battery-operated LED lights emit festive colors that can be changed with a remote control

Today’s featured deal comes our way Equipment + gadgets Section of Neowin promotionswhere you can Save 50% on 12 Pack Decorative Waterproof Battery Operated Color Changing LED Lights.

Waterproof Battery Powered LED Light Displays with 12 Packs 16 Changing Colors with Different Flash/Fade Modes/2 Remotes

  • Ideal design for garden and home decoration, special for party and home light decoration. Because of the IP68 waterproof design, these submersible lights can be widely used in your swimming pool, pond, fish tank, vase, flower pot, bathtub.

16 different bright colors

  • You can choose one of 16 colors, 4 changing modes and 5 brightness levels to get the right atmosphere for your party or home style.

IP68 waterproof design

  • Strong rubber ring inside to prevent water ingress. Please make sure the waterproof ring of the bottom cover fits perfectly into the position under the wires and the upper and lower lids are fully tightened before putting the light into the water.

Built-in magnet and suction cup

  • Four updated silicone suction cups per light have stronger suction than other brands. The built-in magnet not only makes the LED bulb easily fixable on a smooth metal surface, but also won’t rust due to being left in water for a long time.

Smart RF remote

  • The control distance reaches 213 feet in air and 16 feet in water. Widely used in your swimming pool and home garden.

Upgraded chips, longer battery life

  • OralysLEDPool Light uses upgraded LED chips, which can help the light save more electricity than other brands. Our lights use 3*AA batteries (not included), which can last 80-110 hours.

Super bright dimmable lights with 16 RGB colors

  • OralysLEDPool Light is characterized by 15 bright LEDs, 16 multi-colors, 5 brightness levels and 4 dynamic modes, creating various daily decorations or party atmospheres for events for swimming pools, ponds, fountain basins, aquariums, fish tanks, vases, flower pots, and bathtubs.

OralysLEDPool Light is made of IP68 high level waterproof material

  • The silicone suction cup absorbs more water than suction cups found in other brands of pool lights and will not deform easily after a long time of use. Notice: Before putting the light into the water, please make sure its upper and lower lids are tightened to prevent water from damaging the light.

RF remote range MAX213FT

  • OralysLEDPool Light is equipped with an RF Smart remote that makes the farthest distance that can control the light reach 213ft in air and 16ft in water. Please remove the light within 16.4 feet as water can affect signal propagation.

neowin deals

Here’s the deal:

This 12 waterproof decorative LED packs powered by color changing color A set normally costs $79.99, but you can pick it up For only $39.99 for a limited time, that’s a savings of $40 (50%) off the retail price! For full description, specifications and terms, click the link below. pay attention: Shipped to USA Continuously.

A one or two year warranty can be added at an additional cost.

Waterproof color changing LED lights in 12 packs for $39.99

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