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December 31, 2022 1:00 PM EST

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Expert developer Rahul Agarwal takes you through 6 courses to help you create cross-platform apps

Today’s featured deal comes our way Online courses Section of Neowin Deals storewhere you can Save 97% off Solidity & Flutter Developer Bundle 2023.

This package includes the following courses:

  • Firebase & Dart ready-to-work completion course
    Master the art of building cross-platform apps with Flutter & Firebase
  • Build a distributed Todo app using Solidity & React
    Master the art of building a Web3 application using Solidity, Hardhat, Ethers & React
  • Learn to create and sell your own NFT using Solidity
    Create your own NFT from scratch using Solidity, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin and Alchemy
  • Build a basic chat app using Flutter & Firebase
    Learn to apply all the concepts of Flutter and Firebase, Android and iOS
  • Build distributed library management with Solidity & Next JS
    Rahul Agarwal 16 lessons (2 hours)
  • Build a Full Stack NFT Market using Solidity & Next JS
    Rahul Agarwal 26 lessons (1 hour)

Here’s the deal:

This 2023 Solidity & Flutter Developer Pack Normally costs $1,200, but you can pick it up For only $24.99 for a limited time – This represents a savings of $1,375.01 (97%) off. For full description, specs and guide details, click the link below.

Solidity & Flutter Developer Pack 2023 for only $24.99

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