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Sci-Fi RPG Encased can be claimed for free on the Epic Games Store today

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Following the triple decline of fall out, the Epic Games Store is back with another free RPG submission. The ninth gift of the ongoing daily promotion is wrapA 2021 indie RPG entry developed by Dark Crystal Games.

The title presents a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting for this role-playing experience, sending players into an alternate 1970s to explore, fight and negotiate their way through a vast and unnatural wasteland. There are open quest lines, factions to please or destroy, and even multiple endings. You can go it alone or with a party of NPCs you meet and recruit along the way.

The developer describes the game like this:

Wrapped full of choices: which character you will be, which wing you will join and how honorable a person you are. What equipment do you take? How will you fight? Do you make better weapons or armor? And every decision you make will affect the story and your gaming experience. Well, no one said surviving Armageddon was going to be easy…

Normally $29.99 when not on sale, wrap free to sue in the Epic Games Store for 24 hours. The following is the 10th giveaway of this daily promotion, and it will be revealed at 8am PT tomorrow, December 24th.


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