SCS teases Kansas expansion for American Truck Simulator


SCS is no stranger to the world of sneaky teasers. But its latest update isn’t different. The studio jokes that this year will be the Year of the Sunflower. At first glance, this title seems quite abstract. But many eagle-eyed readers have already deciphered its likely meaning. The second expansion for American Truck Simulator following Oklahoma will probably be Kansas’ northern neighbor.

The Sunflower State is a state of nature.

There is a nice animation teaser inside the post, which shows that a truck carrying loads of sunflowers in a field is a small, quiet and powerful display. Combined with the Year of the Sunflower title, this imagery shows a great hint of The Sunflower State, the better known name Kansas. The state is likely to get added to the constantly expanding American Truck Simulator map.

In order to date, but as soon as the expansion spread, as much of the major adolf would be said, Kansas would not be surprised if he had to be teased.

Since the expanded map for American Truck Simulator has been longrunning, a consistent trend continues to show a wide effect on the entire map of the country on a western direction. Kansas is a neighbor of Oklahoma in the south of Kansas and Colorado in the east of the country, so it’s a nice next choice. This certainly means that at this stage, we should expect that the future of succession will be Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota (although the latter two may not release as a package?

Kansas’s hills are the ridge of the mountains.

Kansas has similar heights to Oklahoma in terms of size and topography. The Great Plains reach the West with a variety of rolling hills, rivers and forests to the East. Kansas has a very small population that’s just under 3 million people, like many of its naive-state counterparts. Given the vastness of the land, this requires a relatively small number of urbanized sectores. But the car will enjoy some beautiful landscape, uninvented and pure natural beauty.

Interestingly, the post in this teaser post can be read here. May-2023 is a yearlong season. It seems to indicate it appears that this new map expansion is almost imminent, so it certainly means that it is not a hint at this release of this new map expansion for American Truck Simulator.


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