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Sea of Stars is playable from start to finish new gameplay for fantasy RPG

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In the media frame of the Nintendo Holiday Event, developers of Sea of Stars released a new video and announced the launch window for this ambitious graphic art RPG will come on PC, PS4, Switch and Playstation 5.

The Sabotage studios inform the many children, and fans of The Star Wars, that the major adventure is fully playable, from the beginning to the end of the screen, as it is when the first half of the game is in progress. The work on the game is working with us, the story has been finalized, and the levels are fully playable. – towards the end of the last phase!

The Sea of Stars development update comes with the ever-present scenes of gameplay presenting the obscene many activities to be performed throughout the adventure, such as exploration of free roaming environments, using collecting items to cook delicious meals and the formation stage to prepare the bossfights.

The Sabotage team also confirms that Sea of Stars will arrive in the summer of 2023 on PC, Switch and PlayStation consoles.


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