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SEGA almost launched Dreamcast Mini. But the costs to create it and its quality prevented it from starting it

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Even though the Japanese developer couldn’t get a prototype, his high cost of creating a dreamcast mini was not in consideration.

SEGA was about to release Dreamcast in a mini version. If you do then Japanese proved the possibility and finally didn’t start because of the price and lack of final quality to do it.

At least this is what the YouTuber and Retro gaming guru Adam Koralik said in a new video through the Google platform that focused on the mini console that wasn’t at the moment and the Sega Saturn Mini.

It isn’t that it was something new, but the fact was that it was considered a year ago. Several years ago they released some mini consoles such as NES, SNES, Mega Drive and even PlayStation.

And nintendo and sony abandoned with these consoles, right in the direction of SEGA and its Genesis mini-2. So what has stopped the company from releasing more mini consoles like Dreamcast?

The YouTuber says how he worked with SEGA during the relaunch of Shenmue, first in the PC and consoles. While speaking with the company in conversation, he suggested that we re-release these games instead of on a Dreamcast mini.

If each game has the SEGA logo, the Dreamcast would be the same.

Koralik then asked what was wrong with the Mini-version, to which SEGA replied that it would be too expensive for a miniature-version.

The video says that if we want to make it a console, it will cost about 300 dollars in cash, since we need to put real hardware on it, and the technology isn’t cheap enough for it to do it yet.

There isn’t anybody who would be happy with a price of $300. People expect 100 dollars so everyone’s upset.

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But SEGA also considered releasing a Mini-DVD with PC port of said Dreamcast games but they were not that they were well received by the community.

Either you get an inexpensive, affordable price, or you get a price that doesn’t cost enough, Koralik added. There are not the same reasons it’s on sale.

If it is true – we don’t have to think about what the truth is for, we can already see where the scenes are happening in the creator of Sonic and other hits.

After learning that the Dreamcast sales failed to meet SEGA expectations, it is clear why it was his last console launched on the market.

There isn’t so much hype with mini-conventions like those of a few years ago, but to see such things again, and even Nintendo 64, I’ll probably pick them up again.

The real question that I got to know is what it cost to make it, how much it costs and why the quality is questioned.


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