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Serial production using the 18A process technology will be done without advanced High-State EUV scanners

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At Innovation 2023, Intel updated its plans to use high-numerical aperture ultraviolet lithography (High-NA EUV) as a foundation of its future processes. In the new plan, production of products, based on the Intel 18A process technology, will be carried out with existing equipment. The European Union Union will make its own components, so that the laser laser can be used to build the components of future generations.

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High NA-based photolithography machines are new generations. Their optics have an numerical aperture of 0.55 the second generation EUV machines use optics with an numerical aperture of 0.33. The new type of scanners are indispensable when it is able to produce products that are not as low as two nm or 20 A. In 2021, the Intel roadmap, the result of which it made up the first five technical processes within four years, was established in 2005 to become the king of high-assisted mobile machines and the first computer to buy such a machine was built onto the Intel 18A Nodes.

However, it began, as one of its plans grew old, but it managed to follow the schedule and in 2022 became known that its production would be discontinued in the second half of 2024 or 2025 using Intel technology. Although the date of release of the High-Noove EUV technology from the Netherlands ASML hasn’t changed, the question asked me whether these systems fit into this strategy, and a part about the Intel 18A node. What is interesting is the fact that, unlike modern equipment, the mass production of components based on Intel 18A will be carried out on existing equipment, d.h. with ASML NXE 3000 EUV scanners. The 18A line is intended for testing high-nations EUV equipment that is ready for mass production, and is intended for future generations. To be in the future, these products were given a description in the company’s company documents under the common name “Use Intel”.

In a speech at Innovation 2023, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that the first high-end EUV machine will arrive at the end of this year. He even joked that it would be a Christmas gift for Dr. Ann Kelleher, vice president and chief technology officer of Intels. According to him, the manufacturers have made a large progress in work on the Intel 18A: the PDK 0.9 (Process Design Kit) is almost ready the latest pre-production version. The launch of a mass production of that technology is planned for the first quarter of 2024. It seems like we are talking about that sort of processor from the Panther Lake family.

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