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Several Pixel 7 owners reported shattering camera glass spontaneously

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Many owners of Pixel 7 complain about the mobile rear camera glass shattering spontaneously on social media.

As reported on the Android Police, the Pixel 7 owners experienced the cracking and shattering of the camera. Many people say they didn’t bump their phone into anything and they didn’t drop it. Some complaints show that sudden change of temperature can be the blame for the shattering glass.

If significant temperatures were blamed here, it could explain why the issue is getting worse now. In the last few weeks many countries in North America have experienced low temperatures – partly because of the wicked winter storm. As winter approaches, we may continue to see reports of this problem. So far my Pixel 7 glass has not been polished, but it could change when I want to have time outside on a very cold day.

Unfortunately for the Pixel 7 owners, Google admitted that the problem is a manufacturing defect. The support provided for an expert in the area, but didn’t get enough of one Pixel 7 owner. In some reports, a user revealed how frustrating interactions are handled by Google. Some of those got help telling people the damage was their fault, and they had to pay upwards of $500 USD (environ 542 CAD) to replace the entire panel. Other people got lucky and Google supported their phones to replace them.

If a company decides that the problem is manufacturing defects, it seems to me, but unfortunately, its not to me, the Pixel 7 owners will be able to get their phone fixed under a warranty. I hope that Google will decide sooner rather than later.

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