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Shown in minifigures of Aron, Shionne and Doha-Giguarts: The story of Alphen, and Shionne, yel

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Bandai Namco announced three Mini figures: Arise Figuarts, Alphen, Shionne and Dohalim. No release date is yet for one of them. There are yet any three prototypes that show what people can expect from their forthcoming release.

The concept art for the Tales of Arise Figuarts Minis figures shows that Alphen and Shionne are wearing special costumes from the game, while Dohalim is wearing his usual attire. The Alphen is the Arthalys attire we earn from playing throughout the campaign. Similarly, Shionne is wearing the LAze-Phiarquis we could earn by playing with that game.

With a little more content about Tales of Arise. Bandai Namco announced the DLC campaign for the first time in a while at the State of Play on September 2023. Kotobukiya is also building a scale figure of Dohalim thats to be considered as a proponent of the project. I think there are different figures since the launch. One of Shionne’s swimwear and one of Q Posket’s figure.

Tales of the Ariseis available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox 5 and Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X, and the PC, and Before the Dawn arrives on November 9 2023. Figuarts has no release window yet based on selected cast members.

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