Sifu has released a massive update In March 2023


Sloclap and Kepler Interactive said that Sifu is coming to Steam and Xbox this March, along with a massive update for the game. First, players on those consoles will get the most updated version once it’s released, and the other versions will receive an upgrade so everyone is on the same page together. We have more info about that update below, as we waited in line for a proper date to reveal.

Credit: Sloclap

“The new Arenas model will sport nine stylish new maps, each featuring exclusive new challenges of various difficulty levels, and the versatile Sifu-inspired gameplay fans will come to love. This will unlock a massive new mods batch, which doubles the current game’s amount and brings alternative moves to the Kung-Fu palette of our main character. Completing the new Arenas challenges will also unlock new cheats and exclusive new outfits.

In addition to the fall update, Sloclap released the updates for fans looking for their coolest moves, through a Replay Editor, a complete set of recordings will allow fans to create video games within the game. The fall update also introduced several new challenges, cheats and modifiers, including coveted new outfits for players who want to wear stylish new duds. If they are going to a story of revenge and redemption with Sifu in the early next year, the fans will know well. The players uncover an ancient mystery through difficult confrontations that test their ability limits. For more than one-sided battle, fighters must take advantage of their mastery of the Narrow-Fu and a golden pen that revive them after death. The cost of magic is too high, but it alters drastically a fighter with every revival. Time is the money in revenge.”


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