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Silent Hill 2 Remake Wont Mess With the established Narrative Core Bloober Team

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After years of rumors, Konami released his new Silent Hill project, including a remake of Silent Hill 2 by Bloober. The latter choice is interesting given its experience with horror movies: dozens of films, like Layers of Fear and The Medium, received mixed responses. The developer doesn’t want to interfere with Silent Hill 2 to make it a classic.

The history of Silent Hill2s is, in our opinion, the pillar of the original game, so we never wanted to remake it. There may be some slight adjustments, but they were introduced to refresh old content and make them more understandable, as the new audience couldn’t stand the established narrative core.

Changes in gameplay seem noticed at a glance; the above mentioned switch to an over-the-shoulder perspective is the biggest. Since the original title was released in more than 20 years, it was obvious that this game needed an overhaul so that the story did not conform to modern expectations.

If the game changes, weapons, enemies, locations, and whatever else is, Maciej said, every person you mentioned has had a bit of a shift. The decision to adopt the new camera concept made some changes to the enemies AI, level design and weapon mechanics among other things. Old fans will feel fresh air in the new game, but, often speaking, our intention from the beginning was to recreate the familiar, visceral atmosphere of Silent Hill 2 – the original game is about the silent hill itself.

We still want to balance puzzle-solving, combat and narrative. We first consult the OGs on anything we introduce into the remake because we wish that the game would be as close as its old-fashioned version of Silent Hill 2.

It will look similar to reports that Bloober Team has a very short leash. So you have to play the game ourselves so I know how faithful it is.

Silent Hill 2 is a product of PS5 and PC and has been updated and launched for at least 12 months after the launch of Sony’s console. There hasn’t been a release window confirmed. However, Piotr Babeno, CEO of Bloober Team in October, revealed that the team is in the early stages of production and focused on polish. Although Konami is finally going to decide the date of the release, he will decide later the date.

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