Silent Hill: The Short Message may be a separate PS5 exclusive game, but after all, it’s likely to be a separate game


With all of that hype train folks, it looks like Konami hasn’t outsourced entire Silent Hill franchise entirely to third-party developers.

Hopefully we’ll find out the truth behind Silent Hill: The Short Message soon enough.

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Later this year, Konami hosted the Silent Hill: Transmission, where he announced the Silent Hill 2 remake, Silent Hill: Townfall, Silent Hill F, Silent Hill: Ascension, and the Return to Silent Hill film by Christopher Gans. All of these Silent Hill projects have in common, is they are all being developed by third-party studios. There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing Silent Hill to other developers, but shitchers wondered whether Konami had completely abandoned his work on a new Silent Hill himself.

Now, we’ve just gotten confirmation that Konami is still sitting on at least one unannounced Silent Hill game.

The short Message was first rated in South Korea and later in Taiwan. Both of them included a description, like: ‘We are both saying this’s okay’.

Anita walked home to meet Maya and woke up with the help of an abandoned apartment. She must escape her fears and monsters lurking in the corridors, discover the truth behind the horrible situations she was trapped in, and try to try to escape before her own trauma devours her own will to survive.

Silent Hill: The Short Message could be the same game as pictured above that was apparently being played by Masahiro Ito.

If Konami is creating a Silent Hill game, it is possible that it’s the same thing that Masahiro Ito was working on which he was leaked and subsequently blocked the browser from the app a little earlier this year.

Dusk Golem is a trusted source when it comes to horror leaks. He definitely believes the short scold a different game. However, he adds that title itself hints at the nature of the project. According to Dusk Golem, While The Short Message is definitely not intended to be a free demo for the Silent Hill 2, it’s almost certainly going to be a free thing.

It’s unclear why Konami doesn’t hold information about the short Message of Silent Hill. It’s possible that Konami thinks that mystery is an integral part of the franchise. If there are any doubts for the development of a game, it’ll likely be helpful to keep the game from a public eye as long as possible and eventually go viral with the launch of the PlayStation 5.


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