Silkpunk Gacha RPG Eastern Odyssey Open Pre-Registration, Closed Beta Sooner


Eastern Odyssey, a 3D-Piacity version of Gtarcade, is now open for pre-registration. The beta test is expected to start at the end of December.

Eastern Odyssey was founded by Journey to the West and is now a capital of Grand Tang’s civilization. A fantasy adventure by multi-generational diversity mixes industrial sci-fi elements into a stunning and imposing symphony. Silkpunk: Defy old methods to travel westwards!

A match of magic and machines based on Asian mythology and legends! In a parallel universe of 3300 years of prosperity, the Silk Road connects East and West ancient times. After the first class of the Changan, I will take a unique journey to the West where different cultures are intersecting in this fantasy world.

Enoughly upon the discovery of Mana Energy, the Kingdom of Grand Tang entered an unprecedented era of industrial prosperity. But the new energy being wasted, Miasma, a negative power that drives everything into madness, broke out. The peace of the world continued to crumble.

As a dream of rebellion, a Monkey King from the Wanling faction once brought havoc in Heaven and the Nether. In the past he was a great sandwich. Now he is a trusted ally on your westward journey. With the Somersault Cloud in his feet and a Golden Cudgel in his hands, Monkey King may not be possible.

Empower your opponents at a strategic card game. The highest quality of all characters, so any R characters you receive have the opportunity to become SSR characters, thus bringing unprecedented freedom and extensive progress elements. In a world of hardship, under its prosperity, building your strongest team is the only way to win.


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