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Since the Last year, Tesla failed to increase the production of electric vehicles by three times and a half times

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But the company failed to reach the highest goal, about three percent.

As Electrek explained, fourth-quarter statistics made it clear that Tesla couldn’t meet its own expected, but also expectations from analysts. In the last quarter, 439.701 cars were produced and 445.278 electric cars were delivered. In total, at the end of the year, the company assembled a fleet of 369 611 electric vehicles and delivered 1,313 851 of them to customers.

Source of image: Tesla.


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A total of one in one in the company was 3 percentage points short of a 50 percent increase in output compared to 2021, but the number of machines delivered to the customers increased only by 40 percent. This is the difference between the two indicators now, because in the first half of the quarter, it is trying to work on foreign markets and in the second it makes domestic cars, but the logistics has changed forever.

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