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Six years later, this ultra-expensive electric car of the future finally has its moment of glory

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After years of hard work, Faraday Future has just delivered the first copy of its FF91 2.0 Futurist Alliance, a powerful version, and it’s expensive.

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It must be admitted that for all that, she has not aged a little. However, the FF91 isn’t new. It isn’t even from last year. No, in reality, I had to go back to early 2017, more than six years ago, to find this 100% electric vessel, and therefore still have the greatest ambitions. Including those of the day after the factory in the middle of 2018. Unfortunately Faraday Future has had multiple problems and it takes up until May 2023 for the first copy to actually be produced. And August 14, 2023 is the first delivered.

The end of Monterey Car Week, which began on August 15th, Faraday Future just handed to their happy owners the keys of an FF91 2.0 Futurist Alliance. However, their car isn’t saying, the story says, if they ordered their car six years ago, and so on. Once again they paid very much for it, it’s not.

A very high price.

This is really a limited edition of 300 copies, called Futurist Alliance, which costs just 309. If we do more than two hundred euros, this is not the amount in which it counts in a minute.

Even the Lucid Air Sapphire, which has its impressive power of almost 1500 horsepower, is cheaper despite the price (249,000 euros, or around 228,000 euros) itself twice the Tesla Model S Plaid.

We don’t know whether they can justify this price or not, but Faraday Future tells us about a highly intelligent and connected car, not hesitating to qualify its AI TechLuxury EV. It just takes a little of a hundred yen to stop all those people’s awry of 2016 when the car, already qualified now as the smartest of all cars, refused to move during the public presentation as it was supposed to go to park alone and without a driver. The real hazards are as they say.

First delivery of the 2nd Futurist Alliance FF91.

Over 1000 horsepower

Good news is that for this price, Faraday Future FF91 2.0 still was completely revised, even if the exterior of the car does not suggest that it is futuristic. The 64 FF aiHyper 2.0 car has three electric motors, this Futurist Alliance edition is built by up to 100 mp (62 horsepower) and a astronomical torque of 70 Nm. The FF91 0-two-to-six-thirty (96 km/h) in two-27 seconds and 250 km/h speed.

On the other hand, it can’t say that the battery offers an enormous autonomy because of its capacity of 142 kWh. That battery is capable of 33 o’clock 613 km in the American EPA. But what does autonomy matter if you have 11 screens, an AI generative made in FF, the three 5G modems, the 30 steering aids?

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