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Skull and Bones just lost its third director, but Ubisoft still won’t cancel it

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It’s been a decade so far, and Skull & Bones isn’t out. (pic: Ubisoft)

As the developer attempts to unionise one of the most horrible video games of all time, it’s still no more than being finished.

The pirates who stole the Skull & & Bones have known that they never won, but still they cannot eat the game forever.

The game was originally intended to spin two-offs on Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag and started in 2013 but was recently delayed again. Today its third director has lost their third in a row.

Elisabeth Pellen joined the Skull and Bones team in 2018 but has probably left Ubisoft Singapore and the project to return to France.

The studio is in a war of war, but after mixed response to the game closing beta, now its resuscitation is to join the campaign.

Five years ago, Elisabeth Pellen traveled to Ubisoft Singapore with the mission to reboot Skull and Bones, read an E-mail of Ubisoft and put it to Kotaku.

The team’s mission is to deliver a unique naval action RPG experience to our players.

Ubisoft claim it’s not unusual for a creative director to leave at this phase of development, although Kotakus contacts claim that she was originally supposed to stay until at least the end of the year.

It’s meant to be released before the end of Ubisoft’s next financial year, in March 2024, but according to Kotaku it still has no internal release date, which suggests it could be delayed again.

Starfield planets were deliberately designed to be boring, said Bethesda.

Nintendo Switch 2 would shut down Xbox.

Starfield Review in progress Bethesdas sci-fi scrolls.

Unionisation efforts can’t be a result of a lack of work for years, but because of workplace treatment, equal pay and equality, is a result of the union’s efforts.

A ballot will soon arrive this week, so that unions will beformally recognised, which is a much faster, but even a lot of things were reported in the game.

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