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Slack for Windows on ARM is now available in beta

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Slack decided not to slack off or lag behind the Copilot+ PCs initiative and joined the list of software that supports Windows on ARM devices. The just-released version 4.38.87 is now available as a native app for Windows PCs with ARM processors. For now, you can only get it from the official Slack website, but the company promises to bring the ARM-friendly version of the messenger to the Microsoft Store soon.

Here’s what Slack said in the official Windows release notes:

Slack 4.39.87 – June 10, 2024

What’s new:

Slack for Windows on ARM is currently in beta and available for download from our website. We’re still busy adding features and making adjustments to the app, but keep your eyes peeled for it coming to the Microsoft Store soon.

You can download Slack for Windows from her websiteAnd a Microsoft Store version is available Here (not yet optimized for ARM). Slack for Windows release notes are available Here.

The first wave of Copilot+ computers with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon processors launches next week. The Surface Pro 11th Edition, Surface Laptop 7th Edition and other devices from Samsung, Dell, Acer and other manufacturers promise customers superior battery life, significant performance improvements and better visualization for non-optimized devices. However, these devices are mainly focused on ordinary consumers.

Microsoft, Qualcomm and other partners are rumored to be planning to launch the second wave of ARM-powered PCs with an emphasis on business consumers. Qualcomm also said its Snapdragon X processors are coming to more device form factors, so expect to see not only laptops but also all-in-ones, mini PCs and more.

With plenty of apps already offering native ARM64 versions and more joining every day, it feels like Windows on ARM finally has a solid chance to compete with its traditional x86 counterparts.

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