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Slay The Princess will be released This October

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Black Tabby Games published their new horror game, Slay The Princess, this week. The game does a marvelous job of putting you in a moral devastation of being a witch. Why are you here to kill her? Does that make sense? Is what she said enough for you to keep her alive? You should find out after game on October 20 but then, enjoy the trailer!

Credit: Blackhawks Games

Can this mysterious narrator, from the Magnus Archives, speak true? The truth is not even true. Take a step by the door, pick the blade up, and decide on the truth for yourselves. Go to the cabin, do you? Maybe say “to heck with this” and just leave. No matter how it ends, the only thing that happens is the solitude of the air, not only to the rest of your house, but also to the rest of the other house, the princess, what the name, if not to the surprise of the day? “Igorize the fate of an emerging drama reimagined in a monochromatic hand-shaped sculpture from the award-winning graphic novelist Abby Howard (The Crossroads at Midnight, Last Halloween).

Experience already vu like never before in an instant narrative that tells story in a twisted way that lies in the funny and unpredictable way. Slay or be slain (or find a third option), as each loop contorts to reflect every decision, making a new story with twists and turns. Begin the quest anew, joined by new people who are trying to guide your actions. Don’t try to escape her shackles. Hold strong with your emotions if she does not tell the truth? Maybe she’s a monster; maybe she killed you that one timeor a few times, really? But how does narrator know it’ll save the world? What world is it now and the power does the narrator hold? Think about it. Maybe you did not. Just belay the princess and all will be fiiiines. Probably.”

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