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Smartphones – things that should return in 2023!

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There have been several features of smartphones that have been lost over the years. Some of them aren’t very necessary. Others were a lot important, but others were very important. That said, we’ll tell you what to do with your smartphone in 2023.

I have my smartphones again in 2023!

headphone output

It’s true that Apple convinced the entire tech industry to wipe out headphone outputs. This is a shame because, in our opinion and, as we mentioned earlier, wired headphones are a bit better than others. These are the more obsolete versions, particularly because the 3,5mm port on mobile phones doesn’t pay for it.

The Asus Zenfone 9 or the Asus ROG Phone 6 have many other devices. With no problem, it would return to all computers in 2023.

notification LEDs

Notification LEDs were a simple but useful feature that only modern smartphones have to offer. On certain devices, we could even customize the colour of the LED; for example, a blue light is used for sending notifications, red for missed calls, green for WhatsApp messages, etc.

There were numerous obstacles that manufacturers faced to manage their work with its commitment to minimize the bezels and maximise the screen size. That made them want to disappear. In real life, there are applications that mimic the effect. You aren’t quite the same, with regards to this.

Support for memory card phones.

Like headphonejacks, modern smartphones don’t have a dedicated storage slot. For this reason and as time passes, we run off the chance of a space run.

Using a wide-ware storage system, we would simply purchase a new microSD card if more space was needed. Some midrange models still have expanded storage. Nevertheless, it should disappear after a few years.

Infrared sensor

Some of the phones that came infrared with, or the Chinese ones, have also been used. That makes them look like a remote. They went missing, though.

Fingerprint sensor on the back of the scanner.

Modern smartphones use in-display fingerprints, either optical or ultrasonic. But a fingerprint sensor on the back makes sense, because it is simple to use. All because he is located where we normally rest our finger when we hold our phone.

You can even unlock it without just getting it out of your pocket.

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