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Smartwatch: What the green light goes on your body!

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I personally want my wrist watch to be able to instantly access the thousands of notifications that come across on my smartphone every day. However, many other consumers prefer such a watch to have a better sense of their health, especially during exercise.

That’s precisely why Polar and Garmin are betting heavily on the world of smartwatches, and potentially a little more on the health side than Huawei, Samsung or Apple.

Just remember that the clock is seeing when it pulses these green lights. How did this study be done? The results are so beautiful.

When is the green light in your body?

Since we speak about green light, we talk about the permanent annoying light from our current smartwatches. Just thinking of green light is an oversimplifying thing, especially because there are other lights invisible to the human eye, that work hard, so that the sensor can see what is under our skin.

First, because blood is red, it mirrors red light and absorbs red light. This is exactly how smartwatches find out how much blood that goes through your wrist and how many beats it has, with certain time constraints.

Besides green light is also less susceptible to ambient light and can be used to provide more reliable results.

What image is this? We’re getting closer! (It’s an arms)

That video is more complex than an image without context. In fact, it’s easy to imagine why some watches that get better on the market get better by reading on a cheaper version. They are able to understand the difference between us and that it’s not just about us. The video below is a great way to learn more about this topic.

Do you think that all right? Interested? Incredible? Do you already use a smartwatch, or do you still use a traditional model?


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