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Smile For Me: Consoles are coming up next spring

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I got a laugh at that and I just started looking at that. The game will be used for the Nintendo Switch, as well as PS4 and PS5 versions, but there is no word on an Xbox version anywhere down the road, though it’s already on PC. It’ll get physical copies, where you can get the Standard Edition of the normal game, or the Mega Happiness Bundle, which comes with a collection’s box, artwork and a vinyl record with the soundtrack. Read more here and see the latest trailer.

Credit: Serenity Forge.

“Smile For Me” is a “Pane and Click” adventure that puts you at the centre of a abstract world! Take your head off in the face of a new friend to chat and unravel their mysteries, to cheer them. The People are crazy, the World is not afraid of a secret. Don’t be quiet; you’ve got a lot to say. Don’t take your way through the Habitat with a host of friendly and fun characters. The Habiticians have plenty of savory gossip. Learn their quirks and severances and give them all their silver ear. Try to get all the surviving animals for your favorite ones.

  • Vinyl:1xLP pink/yellow/green ice cream tricolor sat enlist a single from the Serenity Forge store.
  • What a great deal, but we have to buy a whole package of goodies? Buy the Mega Happiness Bundle and buy all the Smile For Me goodies at a bundle discount.The bundles are limited in supplyand are expected to run out soon!


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