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Snapchat adds a sparkling ghost watermark to photos created using its AI tool

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To help emphasize that a photo is created using AI tools, Snapchat announced that it will add a watermark to photos created using its AI tools. A glitter ghost is the watermark that Snapchat will apply to photos created using My AI tool.

The watermark is a transparent version of the Snapchat logo with some glitter added to it. The icon will be added to any AI-generated photo exported from the Snapchat app or saved to the camera roll. officially blogSnap explains:

We will soon add a watermark to AI generated images. It will appear in photos created with Snap’s generative AI tool when the photo is exported or saved to the camera. Recipients of an AI-generated photo created on Snapchat may see a small ghost logo with the familiar sparkle icon. Adding these watermarks will help inform viewers that the photo was created with AI on Snapchat.

On supporting pillar, Snap says the main purpose of adding the shiny ghost watermark is to offer transparency to Snapchatters that the photo is not real and was created using generative AI, even though it looks genuine. Furthermore, Snap noted that “not all AI-generated images will include a contact card or watermark. Images created with non-Snap products may not be classified as AI-generated.”

Moreover, the company also warned users that removing the sparkling ghost watermark from photos would be considered a violation of its terms, however, it did not mention how Snap would detect the removal of watermarks from AI-generated photos.

The sparkling ghost watermark will appear if you use the stretch tool feature which creates the effect of a scaled-down image. In addition, the watermark is also applied to photos created using the focused selfie dream feature which allows you to use artificial intelligence to spice up your selfies.

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