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So, the only episode of the OP Podcast is 720

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On this week episode, Bree and Justin examine the hefty mailbag for each listener’s debate and reading information, including the Blue Protocols publishing, MMO bad habits, World of Warcraft’s worst zone, MMOs and more!

The Massively OP Podcast is an action-packed hour full of news, stories, opinions and gamer emails. If you want to send your question to the show, call at the telephone at 743 222.

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Notices show.

  • Intro
  • Mailbag: Does Amazon publish Blue Protocols?
  • Which bad habits are we adopting from MMOs?
  • You have better contact with NPCs.
  • Postsack: What’s an end of the wasted WoW zone?
  • What do you think about character conceptualization?
  • Postcard: The Hero Wars mini-review.
  • How many games have I have?
  • WordPress: Books are available about MMOs.
  • Mailbag: Organizers designed to crowdsource the solutions needed to solve your problem.
  • Outro

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