Social life, MMO Politicians enter early access to free-to-play


In March 20, 2018, I caught wind from Polity, a social-centered life sim MMO from Turkeys Jib Games. The point of the gameplay loop is that players either take the presidency of an entire nation or as a citizen with quests and mini-games to play. The game entered closed beta testing in October 2021 while its Steam page noted that the date of its 2022 launch was the same time as its open beta version.

The launch time frame seems to have been met as the title entered early access on the platform. announcing that it would be free-to-play this past April. Since then, the title has changed the way it was written. New roads, new plants, a unique currency for presidents, and many other UI and sound updates.

Today, the game has a few Steam user reviews, most of which are either from 2021 or otherwise are months old. With that 22 score, the game sitting on a Mixed score, with many speaking in many terms of gameplay and setting, while otherwise telling a lot of work to come together must be done.

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