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Some Characters of the Tower of Fantasy Simulacra can be a particularly useful tool

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With the smallest set of characters, Tower of Fantasy Simulacra offers powerful weapons and abilities that can make a difference in any future battles and encounters, particularly for the latest update. Some come out of the ordinary, but you will have to be lucky enough to draw them from the gacha. If you can make any of these works for you, there are a few of them that you really should always catch up on when you are playing.

Tower of Fantasy Simulacra Characters Who Might Become Your New (Virtual) Best Friends.

From Simulacra to Tower of Fantasy you will find different characters with special abilities and abilities that are willing to provide support, heal, or even act as tanks. While we should be thinking about the people, not fearing to experiment, for the best who will play your style.


Image, Via Hotta Studio.

Grade: SSR

Weapon: Homoreds: Acrobats of the Crow.

The mercenary King is a thriving slave who uses the eerie-looking Scythe of the Crow, to help him to ignite his enemies in a powerful way. His incredible strength and speed makes the park a huge park.


Image via Hotta Studio.

The grades are SSR.

Weapon: 2-mom Stars.

Description: Samir is an EM-Divisioner. This also makes the damage very significant, while still staying safe by firing her weapons across a distance. Even though she has athleticism, she can handle a huge jump damage that will cause huge damage.


Images via Hotta Studio.

Grade: SUX

Weapon: Rosy Edge

Description: Similar to Samir, Meryl is a senior wing. She prefers to use her massive sword, Rosy Edge, which freezes any target that dares to abide by its path, even breaking the hardest of the shields. She can also form an ice shield to protect against armed diseases.


Image via Hotta Studio.

Grade: SM

Weapon: Icewind Arrow

Description: The former Hyenas and Hyos member Tsubasa is part of the Heirs of Aida. She uses the powerful Icewind Arrow as her weapon which will freeze any foe who is hit by it. The Piercing shot skill defeats enemies while the bow will simultaneously use other weapons, so it results in a powerful attack.


Image via Hotta Studio.

SSR level: SSR.

Weapon: Boil Shield V2.

Description: She was raised with Samir and was born with her mother and developed an illness that gave her superhuman strength. She adores a molecular gun in the car which burns and burns enemies in the face of evil, fear of being punished. Since her weapons are a shield, she has great defense and offense capabilities, making her a great tank in the Tower of Fantasy.


Image from the Hotta studio.


Weapon: No.

Description: Crow is a former Executor and the current adventurer who has the Thunderblades as his main weapon. These blades are electrically charged so that they will paralyze enemies with severe harm. The Thunderblades give a great damage output while crouching, making this a great weapon for sneak attacks. Finally, the Orbiting Blades attack will remove any debuff and cause great lightning damage.


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Grade: SGS

Weapon: Venus

Description: It might be that you known Nemesis as Shirli, the girl who suffered from a morphology at the start of the Tower of Fantasy. A result of the experimentation of Dr. Claire, Nemesis finally took control of his own body despite the desire of a Clemency-like angel. She uses Venus to carry a volt weapon against the earthquake. Her Twin Spinning Focus is the perfect way to heal after a fight; her volt skills slow enemies and allow her to heal.


Image via Hotta Studio.

Rough grades: SSR

Weapons: Zero Weapon

Description: Cocoritter is an ideal healer, and has a daughter of Hykros medical researchers. Her weapon of choice is absolute zero, which will freeze and make enemies frostbite. She is probably the best in Tower of Fantasy, capable of accessing her healing capabilities from the beginning, so her Sanctuary ability can remove debuffs from her allies.


Shot by a Hotta studio image.

Grades: SSR

Weapon: bowed.

Description: She is one of the main antagonists of Aida, as is her character’s Tower of Legend. Your weapon, the Balmung, freezes targets and makes his frost resistant, making her freezing damage less expensive. She can dodge at once within a Frost Domain, and when she changes ice weapons, she will continue to deal skill and advancement damage.


Via Hotta studio image.

Grade: SSR

Weapon: Guren Blade

Description: Currently recovering from battle wounds, Claudia is one of the most experienced expertive of Hyrkos. Her Guren Blade can deal an enormous amount of damage and add the grievous status effect, to attract increased damage to the enemy. She’s a great support character, so she gives your allies a huge amount of damage. The Roam skill will give Claudia the ability to move quickly and adds up to 5 enemies.

Hopefully the gacha and RNG gods will smile upon you and allow you to pull one of the characters and their weapons above. If you do a better weapons job, you won’t have to build your tower of fantasy a lot.

This movie is available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, and PC.

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