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Some details of Unitys cable collection with its unpopular pricing policy shine into the light

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Unity is adding new pricing policies this week, but in particular details appear to be the best available price, which is where they’re asking for the highest fee.

Unity has already started to inverse its controversial policy of fees that developers would charge each time their games are installed. After the apology tweet issued last morning, they are already preparing changes that will make the unpopular measure better received.

According to a report by Jason Schreier in Bloomberg today, a meeting was held to change the pricing policy some of the changes (this time without death threats) to the existing pricing policy.

These include a maxim of 4% of revenue from games with a total more than $1 million.

They also say that this rate will not be retroactive, but it will only be installed if the policy was to force the proposal to be adopted on the 1st of January 2024.

Unity asks its customers to show themselves the number of installations they have installed.

It was the most controversial part of the measure, which Unity would use to record the number of games that are used in the series. They originally promised they would use their own technology, but now they claim that The users (the developers) will share the data with Unity.

It also didn’t surprise those developers. They would not have to share their games with Unity the number of times they’ve installed, highly sensible information for many companies.

Unitys policy means developers need to charge to save money, from 1 cent to 20 cents per game, depending on the number of players and taxes you have in order to install them, and with a maximum of one hundred dollars per game.

In the communication chaos of last week, Unity had to clarify some of the things, such as that they wouldn’t charge for reinstalling the game (if you deleted the game from your computer or console and then reinstalled it).

It’s clear that the measure was made focusing more on free play programs (like Genshin Impact, which uses Unity) or games that are part of subscription services such as PS Plus or Game Pass.

I hope a new statement from Unity will arrive in the next few days.


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