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Some Need for Speed (NFS) Unbound players disappointed after Mustang gets dropped in Vol. 4 say its due to FOMO

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Some Need for Speed (NFS) Unbound players seem to be upset that the Ford Mustang GT Legendary Custom Pack was dropped in Volume 4.

The revision to the volume 4 of NFS Unbound has recently been released, which introduces bugs, adjustments and quality-of-life improvements.

Somewhere, the patch addressed the problems, so that the Warus Racer in Trouble and the A$AP Rockys vehicle delivery missions wouldn’t occur. And that glitch prevented the cops from interactioning with the player after participation.

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After the latest update, players can easily route to Linkups and place around a millen decals on livery wraps.

NFS Unbound players unhappy after the drop of Mustang in Vol. 4

However, some (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) are unhappy with the Ford Mustang GT Legendary Custom Pack being unavailable for purchase.

It’s important that the pack is unavailable on both the PlayStation and Xbox stores. Gamers believe that this is a tactical maneuver of the developers to create a fear of missing out the (FOMO) dynamic.

By doing that, they can convince players to make purchases swiftly.


And despite that, the move to instill the urgency of a buy paid body kit has stirred a lot of debate and criticism among the gaming community.

Individuals also claim that the custom-built car packs of DLC disappear from the inventory and garage after the installation of the volume 4 update.

Notably they can redownload the Evo, GTI, and Volvo customs, but they can’t retrieve the legendary customs.

I was planning on buying unbound, but fortunately I was getting my ps5, but they removed the legendary Ford mustang pack. Source

People are speculating that they have limited time to buy the Lotus Exige S and Mazda Robo body kits.

The developers are also saddened to learn that the developers often remove in-game content without prior notice. Some are anticipating that the same thing will happen in the paid cars that will come in the Vol. Update 5.

Where’s the Mustang and DeLorean? I wanted to get those. Source

However, a few players believe that a Mustang body kit will come back soon.

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An image of the NFS was unbound.

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