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Some people pay full price for Game Pass; Microsoft receives a maximum of 30 million dollars per month from subscriptions

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The revelations made in the proceedings with the FTC regarding the purchase of Activision are being studied for more than a decade. As many documents as one click, Microsoft reported revenue from Game Pass. Some figures have been famous:

In April 2022, Microsoft’s net revenue per base Game Pass subscription was $9.26, with a monthly price of $9.99. Gamesindustry experts report that this indicates that large percentage of users pay the full price for Game Pass. Apart from that, the documents suggest the revenue per user for 12 months increased by 12%. Compared to a GamePass subscription, a single user gets a $66. The Xbox 360 sold for 33 million subscribers by April 2022. Of these 21,9 million were Game Pass subscribers (excluding PC) and 11,7 million are Gold subscribers. Microsoft recently reported that the total number of GamePass subscribers is 25 million. An average price of $9.26 for this number of subscribers, Microsoft gets about 230 million dollars per month from subscriptions.

It’s worth telling you that the situation could’ve changed significantly by now. As you know, the Xbox Live Gold subscription was converted to GamePass Core. This would have made the number of gamers increase, but also affected the average revenue per subscriber. Microsoft hasn’t announced the number of GamePass subscribers for a long time; now, the latest official figures are 25 million in January 2022.

Let’s remind you, the prices, announced earlier, by Microsoft, for adding games to Game Pass subscriptions.

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