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Some PSVR2 games will get both physical and digital releases

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PSVR 2 will continue the tradition of releasing both physically and digitally. It is a commonly-asked question that Sony hasn’t officially answered yet, but a listing for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution confirms that a couple of games will also launch on disc.

Digital and physical PSVR 2 games are supposed to cost the same.

Previously mentioned, the Walking Dead: St. John’s chapter 2 is rated the same as the Amazon store. The retailer and Sonys storefront listed the payback for $49.99. You can see the gallery from below:

There’s not much to see here. Looks like your regular PS5 disc has a VR requirement sticker.

Here is an update of the PSVR 2 games confirmed so far.

  • The Asylum has a major issue.
  • After Fall of the year, I learned to make it to the end of the month.
  • Afterlife VR
  • Aliens VR
  • Alvo
  • Altair Breaker
  • In the future VR is a subject of many people.
  • The opulence of black males is fading.
  • Black Trail
  • Cities VR Enhanced Edition.
  • Cosmonious High
  • Crossfire: Sierra Squad
  • Demeo
  • Distortion VR
  • Don’t make anything open.
  • Dyschronia: Chronos: Alternate
  • Engram
  • Fantavision 202X
  • Firewall Ultra
  • Firmament
  • Galaxy Karts
  • Ghostbusters VR
  • The Ghosts of Tabor to the Tabots.
  • Golf+
  • Green Hell VR.
  • Grimlord
  • It was a Jurassic World Aftermath Collection.
  • Hello-residable. Search and rescue.
  • Hellsplit Arena
  • The Montrose reaches the Horizon Call.
  • Hubris
  • Hypestacks
  • Kayak VR: A-Kingle!
  • When the AI of Kizuna is beating you up!
  • LOW FI
  • Madison
  • Medieval Dynasty
  • Mixture
  • Nobodys Sky.
  • Pavlov
  • The Pistol Whip VR is designed to be used to play.
  • Project Lousianna: The Bounds VR.
  • The Propagation Paradise Hotel is a Paradise.
  • Requisition
  • Evil-innocent village is evil.
  • Runner
  • Samurai’s house was killed by a burglar.
  • Shadowgate VR: The Mines of Mythroks.
  • The body of Kaeru
  • Star Wars: The Galaxys Edge, Enhanced Edition of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxys Edge.
  • Super Kit: Atop the Top
  • The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR.
  • The Exorcist Legion VR: Sin, Mt.
  • The Light Brigade had a light fight.
  • The story of Onogoros was told.
  • The Twilight Zone VR is a virtual event.
  • Tentacular
  • The Walking Dead: The Old Dead: Noons and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution!
  • Ultrawings
  • Volcanic Core
  • Walking in Space!
  • Zenith: A city where we live is one of my favourites.

You can preorder PSVR 2 with PlayStation Direct with no invite.


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