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Something went wrong: Ubisoft is trying to resume the sales of Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag on Steam: A black ship

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Despite carefulness, the Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag has been replaced with the Steam version. If you own this game, you can also use it. However, new purchases aren’t currently possible.

The sudden sale closure has provided some fans with the hope that Ubisoft is working on a Black Flag remake, and even a release could soon. However, Ubisoft claims it isn’t in the real world, and that Black Flag sales weren’t actually stopped intentionally. Something went unfinished.

We understand that Assassins Creed Black Flag isn’t available for purchase on Steam, a spokesperson from the Ubisoft told PC Gamer. This is because of a technical issue and our teams are working on a solution to get the game back and forth as soon as possible.

Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag is one of the best games in the series, well-known for its innovativeness, yet ardently entertaining open-world piracy simulators and one of the most colorful characters of the 18th century. Hence, it’s understandable why people want a remake. As good as the game is, its already ten years old, so it’s quite an eternity for video games.

A report from Kotaku in June revealed that Ubisoft was already making a Black Flag remake but, in case so, it was in a very early stage. Maybe it’ll happen, and that would be great, but unfortunately, the current situation with Black Flag on Steam doesn’t suggest a big announcement as it will soon be announced.

Incredibly, Ubisoft is still working on a long-delayed multiplayer pirate game, Skull and Bones, which was originally intended to spin-off with the ship in Black Flag.

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