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Sonic Superstars: Pixel graphics aren’t long term practical

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June 4th 2023, at 8:05, says Jusuf Hatic Sonic Superstars. It combines the nostalgic side-scrolling concept and modernizes the pixels of the past, but will never return in future spin-offs.

In June last year, Sonic Superstars, a new game with the iconic blue Sega hedgehog, was presented. It uses the nostalgic 2D view that was already successful in the Mega Drive era. The head of the Sonic team explained in Gamescom 2023 that a classic Sonic 2D game is the foundation for which the brand must have a lot of money. The new game doesn’t have the pixel art style last used in Sonic Mania, so it’s based on modernized graphics, and it’ll probably stay in the same way with 2D offshoots, Iizuka explained.

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The pixel-based graphics of the current Sonic spin-offs are great, but when Sonic Team thinks about the long-term future, they don’t think this will become a viable graphic style for our players. According to Iizuka, pixel art isn’t practical in the long term; the goal of these games is to share new content in ten and twenty years.

The latest 3D-games like Sonic Frontiers are intended to help here, and, among other things, included the concept of open zones. Iizuka called the spin-off a fundamental point for future Sonic games, which perfectly meets future-oriented requirements. The Frontiers game can be built on in order to continue offering new gaming experiences.

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