Sony announced 30 million PS5s have sold, so it’s becoming much easier to buy this unit now that the shortage is over


Since the Xbox5 was released back in November 2020, it has been a number of challenges. The chip shortage stalled sales and the pandemic. However, despite the difficulties, the PS5 looks to be doing well. It has been announced that over thirty million units have been sold over the last two years. If you are Jim Ryan, the PS5 crisis is over. The presenter stated that Everyone who wants a PS5 should find a lot easier at retailers globally.

PlayStation (@PlayStation) January 5, 2023

The Xbox One has been released, yet players have found a difficult time to get on the console. Sony sold 17 million units, about 20 million that its predecessor sold at launch. For one, only thirty million units are the most important in the industry considering all the issues that Sony experienced with the console from the beginning. In those two years, many who wanted to get their hands on the console had to pray to find the local dealer. In fact, the best way to acquire the console was through purchasing a player with the PS5 disc-drive bundle, which includes an exclusive a game. It’s not bad, but it’s not the best if you wanted to buy a cheaper digital version of the console.

Sony announced December was the biggest month on consoles. This is exciting news. And the chance that 2023 will be filled with many more gamers getting their hands on the console they want to play on. While the PS5 still has a long way to go if its wish is to reach the sales record the predecessor, it seems like everything’s on the track for the system to go the extra mile.


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