Sony announced the project Leonardo, PS5 controller for people with disabilities


Sony unveiled a brand new set of controllers that will be developed for the PlayStation 5, codenamed Project Leonardo. On stage at the CES 2023 and later discussed on the PlayStation Blog, Project Leonardo promises to help gamers with disabilities play more easily, more comfortable and longer.

Sony said the new controller was developed with the input from accessibility experts, community members and game developers. Project Leonardo includes an array of interchangeable components, including many analog-stick and button caps, in different shapes and sizes.

On PS5 players can make changes from their games via the button mapping, where controller buttons can be mapped to any control function supported. The players will have two different functions on the same button. The PS5 will also include up to three controls where players can save their preferred settings and easily switch between them.

Project Leonardo can be combined with an optional Project Leonardo or dual sensing controller. It has four 3.5mm AUX ports to be compatible with external devices of another party.

PlayStation said that Project Leonardo is still in active development and the company continues to collect valuable feedback from the community.


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