Sony announced the release of a PlayStation 5, a controller kit with an emphasis on accessibility


Sony recently announced a new PS5 controller kit named Project Leonardo, called for the controller. The controller was made with the emphasis on accessibility and ease of use to allow the gamers to play video games safely and freely.

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These buttons are similar to radial menus with a joystick on one end. There are dozens of buttons on the wheel edge, and they’re all about a certain distance.

Project Leonardo is fully customizable, asserts Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and works out of the box, providing a robust kit of swappable components and a suite of software options on PS5. In addition to the aforementioned kits, the owners can easily customize their hardware and software, making it easy for gamers with disabilities to play their favorite games easily.

There is no shortage of work available, but a project coder, a dualsense controller, can use by itself. This should provide more access to games and titles that were difficult for disabled players to enjoy.

Sony didn’t really mention anything else about Leonardo, but Ryan states that he and Sony can’t wait to share more details soon.


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