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Sony is being said to have a retaliation plan and hold the state of play next week

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Sony has been spoiled for the long time in terms of conferences and shows. With a few of the signs, the situation is going to change.

The report reads the Reporter. He didn’t reveal any details, but gamers speculating that this could be a state of play show where you can easily see new footage from Marvels Spider-Man 2. That sounds right. Only forty days have left before release of the movie sequel to the album “Insomniac Games”, and the new presentation of the movie seems to be a natural step for Sony.

The debut of Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for October 20 this year. There is only a version of the Xbox One. However, the previous two movies from the brand (Marvels Spider-Man and Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales) were on PC a time later, so this time everything will be the same.

It’s likely that this show will announce the Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition which got a rating from age, and a date for the release date on PC along with this announcement will also be announced.

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