Sony unveils ‘Project Leonardo’ accessibility controller kit for PlayStation 5


Project Leonardo PlayStation 5 Controller Kit

At CES today, Sony gave a look at its latest PlayStation 5 game controller, but it’s very different from its previous designs. Aiming to lower the barrier of entry for gamers with disabilities, Project Leonardo for the PS5 is a customizable controller kit developed with the help of organizations such as AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and Stack Up.

The unique-looking controller does not have an official name yet, nor does it have a price attached to it, but Sony has A deep look in its features today. The unique design should help players with limited motor control, allowing them to use the controller for long periods and be accurate without much difficulty.

“Our team tested more than a dozen designs with accessibility experts, looking for approaches to help address key challenges to effective controller use,” said Project Leonardo designer So Morimoto. “We finally arrived at a ‘split controller’ design that allows almost free positioning of the left/right thumb sticks, it can be used without having to hold it, and includes changing buttons and a very flexible cap stick.”

Project Leonardo PlayStation 5 Controller Kit

As for customization, interchangeable components will allow players to mix and match a variety of buttons and analog stick caps on the round controller to create a comfortable experience for their needs. Each button can be mapped to function in different ways, with three profile slots available to save custom settings.

Up to two Project Leonardo controllers and one standard DualSense can work together as a virtual controller for one player. Third-party solutions are also supported, with four 3.5mm AUX ports available for connecting switches and external accessories.

Sony has yet to announce how much the PlayStation 5 Project Leonardo kit and its accessories will cost, while a release date is also not in sight. Microsoft has offered its similarly focused Xbox Adaptive Controller for years, and its $99.99 price tag has been a boon to many.


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